It’s that time of the week when we bring to you the goofiest pictures of Bollywood celebs. Although we enjoy it, but mind you, it’s a big task to sift through hundreds of pictures and find some in which the celeb let go of their otherwise poised posture. To tell you the truth, this time it was harder than ever as celebs didn’t let it lose. Just like every other week, the tinsel-town had lots of events this week too. With casual spottings, song or trailer launches, movie screenings, date-nights, anniversary celebrations and other such events, our pap friends caught celebs in an awkward position which will tickle your funny bone. So, here’s presenting to you, this week’s awkward pictures of B-town celebs:

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt | Awkward Pictures

We admit that Alia Bhatt is born to face the camera, but there are times when the actress switches off her composed stance and turns goofy. While we love that, our able shutterbugs click some amazing pictures which you may have a good laugh about. The actress was recently spotted at the screening of her 2 States co-actor and friend, Arjun Kapoor’s India’s Most Wanted screening. And in this click, we couldn’t help but think of Safeena saying, ‘Bohot awaz hai re public!’ What say?

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma | Awkward Pictures

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