People went to bed with wide smiles yesterday as India defeated Australia by 36 runs to win their second match of the 2019 ICC World cup tournament being held in England and Wales. India’s continues its unbeatable streak with this win in the tournament. The match yesterday between the two favourites resulted in a nail biting finish with several ups and downs for both the team during the whole course. But what caught all the eye was a gesture from the Indian captian Virat Kohli that is being hailed as a true masterclass.

During the first inning while India was batting, Virat Kohli, who was on-strike as a section of Indian fans at the stadium to cheer for the team instead of defaming the opponents. Apparentely, a section of the audience shouted cheater to Australian player Steve Smith while he was fielding at the deep. The cricketer was involved in an ball tampering episode last year, following which he was handed one year ban.

Kohli, being a true ambassador of the game showed true gentleman spirits by asking the section of fans to stop chanting cheater at Steve Smith. Kohli gestured the fans to clap instead of booing at the Australian ex-captain. This gesture of Kohli was hailed across all the corners for upholding the true spirits of the game.

Back here in India, his wife Anushka Sharma was floored by her hubby’s gesture. The actress smitten by Kohli doing took to her Instagram handle to share a news snippet of his act and captioned, “Aggressive player, benevolent man – so easy to love.”

Virat Kohli has once again proved that he is a true champion of the game.

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