Kangana Ranaut might be busy with her professional commitments but the diva makes sure that she spends an ample amount of time with her friends and family. Not many but only her close friends and family know that the quintessential actress has a quirky and fun side too. So to know that we got in touch with her today, on friendship day to know what’s the definition of a true friend according to her and the camaraderie that she shares with the people from the industry.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Kangana said, “A friend for me is someone who is into stupid stuff, anyone who can get drunk with you, talk rubbish, laugh on things that ain’t funny for others but you two have the sense of good or bad sense of humour or somebody who shares your craziness, somebody who has that equal tempo taking on bad ideas, wrong timings. Basically the same insanity like you and things which probably others don’t understand. Somebody whose completely just a friend, I can’t really describe but a friend is someone who matches your madness.”

When quizzed about whom she considers being her friends from the Industry, she quickly replied saying “There are some colleagues and some amazing people that I know like my director Ashwiny, my friend Shailesh or Prasoon Sir or Vijendra. They are all amazing people but because we share a professional rapport and we work together, it’s a bit formal friendship I would say. We don’t possibly get drunk together or talk about boyfriends or things that are emotional but of course, it’s from the industry and it’s my workplace that’s why all the friendships that I have are formal.”

Not only that but the ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ actress also opened up about an eye-opening lesson she learnt about friendship. “Friendship with people who are too much realistic cannot be good friends because they are always trying to see what they can extract from the other person. People who are a bit impractical, people who are not much worldly-wise, they are the ones who can be good friends. So I have come to realise that,” she said.

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