Laura Ingraham, who hosts the show ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on Fox News, sent the Internet in a tizzy after she failed to understand a Netflix reference, thinking the guest was actually referring to her. Raymond Arroyo was sharing the panel with Ingraham as the two spoke about the “woke” television when the guest, Arroyo, shifted the conversation towards ‘You,’ a popular Netflix show about a stalker-serial killer. Arroyo was speaking of measles, something that moves plot drastically on You’s latest season after Joe’s (Penn Badgley) son Henry gets sick after contracting the disease from an unvaccinated family.

“You know I was watching an episode of You where measles came up,” Arroyo says before being immediately interrupted by the baffled host Ingraham who asks: “Wait, wait, wait, when did I mention measles?” Giving no clarity to her obvious confusion, Arroyo continues by saying, “I don’t know. It was on You.”

“What was on me? What are you talking about? Is Raymond even hearing what I’m saying? “I never had the measles. We never did a measles and vaccine episode, is this a joke?” a puzzled Ingraham responds.

The conversation, that seemed straight out of an SNL sketch, continues pretty much on this tangent. “It was on You, it was on You,” the guest repeatedly says as the host, completely lost at this point, responds by saying: “I’ve never had measles. What are you talking about, this is stupid!”

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Arroyo, still determined to get his point across, continues rambling and says that it was an episode on a show. “What’s it called?” Ingraham desperately wants to know now. “You, You, it’s called You.”

“There’s a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?” the host inquires before the guest finally decides to give up.

And this, everyone, is the greatest video of all time:— Jay Lawrence (@jaylawrence91) November 16, 2021

Although the video went on to garner millions of views along with thousands of retweets and likes on microblogging site Twitter, many, including Joe Goldberg aka Penn Badgley, believed it to be a bit and that the one-minute conversation about nothing on television couldn’t possibly be real.

Definitely a bit. His delivery is great tho— Penn Badgley (@PennBadgley) November 16, 2021

Were we subjected to satire or was it real? We leave that judgement to You. Not the show, the reader, You.

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