Kangana Ranaut loves to splurge on her wardrobe. The actress has stated that she travels abroad solely to shop for the latest from luxury Italian and French brands. Like many actresses and women, she has a love for handbags. Kangana Ranaut was spotted at the airport this week in two different outfits. One of them was a green dress with boots and a coat while the other was a beige pantsuit. The common accessory was a black Hermes Birkin bag. The label makes the most expensive handbags in the world and they are passed on from generation to generation as heirlooms.

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The Manikarnika actress had a Hermes Black Baby Birkin 25 cm bag with gold embellishments. Kangana Ranaut’s Hermes Birkin costs around Rs 16, 23,600. At that price, someone could buy a home in small-town India or purchase a swanky SUV. The bag made of Togo leather has keys, lock, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, rain protector, and Hermes box. It is a favourite with celebrities and socialites from all over the world. The Togo leather is scratch resistant. Hermes Birkin uses high-quality leather for all their bags and Togo leather is no different.

The Togo leather is the hide of a baby calf. It seems it retains its shape for a really long time. It has a smooth finish. Hermes Birkin is known for its use of calf, crocodile and lizard skins. The bags are made in the French town of Pantin. The bags are hand-made and it takes 18 hours to make a Birkin. It seems the craftsmen have to train for five years before they can make a Birkin. These expensive pieces are passed on in the family. So, what do you make of Kangana Ranaut’s accessory?

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