In a “candid and completely non-political” conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Akshay Kumar engaged the PM on various topics ranging from his love for mangoes to his post-retirement plans.

Akshay started the conversation by asking the PM if he liked eating mangoes. In response to this, PM Modi got nostalgic and spoke about how he used to enjoy mangoes as a child. However, PM said, he needed to keep a tab on his diet.

The actor then went on to ask if PM Modi ever thought about leading the country. PM Modi revealed that he never thought about it. His non-political family background and becoming the PM, Modi said, wasn’t easy for people to digest. Instead, he once believed he would be a ‘sanyasi’ or would want to serve the army. He said that even if he got a regular job, his mother would be just as happy. He revealed that as a child, he never received any guidance.

Talking about his post-retirement plans, PM Modi narrated an incident with his cabinet where he was asked the same question and how he responded to it. Modi explained that he always saw responsibilities as his life. He stressed that every person, at every stage, must have a mission in life.

The National Award-winning actor asked if Modi felt like spending more time with his family. Modi answered it by saying that he left his family at a very early age. He explained that he was trained in a completely different way and did not leave his home as a PM. Therefore, he saw everything differently.

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