A promise is something that holds a person responsible for his words. When made, it is only moral to fulfil it because when broken, it can cause damage beyond repair. And most of the times, it is emotional damage that can ruin lives. Taking this sentiment to the big screen, many filmmakers have spun plots of movies around promises that were made and kept or broken. Families have broken and governments have changed in movies as well as reality when a promise was broken. Similarly, while there were innumerable times when promises were broken on-screen, we have rounded up five most watched movies in which the protagonists made promises that they could not live up to.

Shah Rukh Khan’s character, Rahul, from the 2001 film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is a classic example of when someone made a promise and broke it on screen. In the plot of the movie, Rahul is made to promise by his father played by Amitabh Bachchan that he will never let him down and uphold the values of the prestigious Raichand family. By this, what Yashwardhan Raichand, played by Amitabh wants is for Rahul to not get married to a girl from a lower economic background and pick someone who belongs to the upper social circuit. Rahul, on the other hand, goes and gets married to the true love of his life, Anjali played by Kajol as she loses her father in a tragic turn of events.

Another Kajol-Shah Rukh Khan movie way back from the 90’s sees two promises broken on-screen in the same film. Baldev Singh, essayed by Amrish Puri, is unable to keep his promise to his old friend Ajit of marrying his daughter Simran played by Kajol to Ajit’s son Kuljeet portrayed by Parmeet Sethi. This happens as Simran, in turn doesn’t fulfil her promise to her father, Baldev Singh, of marrying the person of his choice. Simran falls in love with Raj who is a free-spirited boy from London and ends up convincing her father at the end of the film that he is the one who will keep her the happiest. Baldev Singh eventually gives in to Simran and Raj’s deep love and breaks his promise with Ajit.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Geet broke yet another promise in 2007’s Jab We Met when she got married to Aditya Kashyap played by Shahid Kapoor instead of her boyfriend Anshuman portrayed by Tarun Arora. In the plot, Geet runs away from her paternal house to get married to Anshuman who refuses to accept her. Depressed, she wanders off and starts working in Shimla as a school teacher when Aditya seeks her out and tries to bring her to her senses. Geet confronts Anshuman in an attempt to gain closure, but ends up patching up with him and promising to marry him after telling her parents the whole story. However, she realises that she was never in love with Anshuman and wants to be with Aditya instead.

Shilpa Shetty played the devoted wife in the 2000 movie Dhadkan and won her fans’ hearts. And while Shilpa as Anjali was as beautiful as she could get in her pretty sarees and as loyal as possible to her husband Ram played by Akshay Kumar in the film, she did break a promise made to Dev essayed by Suniel Shetty in the plot. When Anjali and Dev’s love story is rejected by her father Narendra played by Kiran Kumar, Anjali chooses her parents over Dev, breaks her promise to get married to him and switches her loyalties to her husband Ram. While it’s all morally correct, the fact remains that she does not stand by what she promised Dev.

The 2002 romantic-thriller Humraaz saw Amisha Patel’s Priya making a criminal pact with Karan played by Akshaye Khanna to trap Raj portrayed by Bobby Deol in her beauty and love and get married to him. Karana’s plan is to then get Priya to divorce Raj and share the alimony that Priya gets. However, after getting married and seeing how kind and sweet Raj is, Priya realises what she would be losing out on if she carried out the eveil plan. She decides to back out of her plan with Karan and what follows is a series of blackmails and murders.

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