Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dil Bechara co-star Sanjana Sanghi, in an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Editor Nandini Bhalla, refused to “entertain” Rhea Chakraborty’s remarks against her. In an interview with India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai on Thursday, Rhea had said that the delay in clarification from Sanjana with respect to the #MeToo allegations leveled against Sushant had “destroyed” his “mental sanity”.

In 2018, Sushant was accused of sexually harassing Sanjana Sanghi and he had subsequently shared screenshots of their conversations to prove his innocence. Sanjana confirmed later that there was no truth to the accusations.

“Why would you take so much time to clarify the #MeToo allegations? I want this to be investigated. Why will I keep quiet for one-and-a-half months?” Rhea had said during her interview to India Today.

Asked about Rhea’s comments, Sanjana told India Today, “As a woman, I have said more than everything that I have said. I have said enough and there is nothing new that I have to add. I literally cannot entertain that stuff right now.”

This apart, Sanjana addressed several other questions surrounding Sushant Singh Rajput.

You have been quizzed about various things around Sushant Singh Rajput. Are you getting tired of all this negativity?

I have been wondering where this degree of negativity and toxicity comes from. It is a really odd and a tough time to be a public figure in general. I feel the pandemic has a lot to do with it for everyone. My friends and me, we are 22-23, and we have just gotten into the work force and respectively, there is a sense of job loss, a lack of clarity regarding the future. We also have a lot of pent up emotion inside of us that we sometimes take out in an unjustified way on social media. I know that it will pass.

Rhea had made this allegation, you have clarified your stance before too, but she asked why Sanjana didn’t come and clarify sooner about the #MeToo allegations. Would you like to say anything on that?

As a woman, I have said more than everything that I have said. I have said enough and there is nothing new that I have to add. I literally cannot entertain that stuff right now.

Did you ever notice that Sushant was feeling low, or he was depressed?

I never picked up something like that. I did not have the authority to sense if someone was depressed. I could pick up if a friend or co-actor was not in a good mood, or if something is bothering him. When you are playing two cancer-stricken patients that are dealing with time and the narrative is so emotional. We would be sinister and very serious at many points in time. There were days when I would just be in a corner with earphones on, and not speak to anyone, as would he. We would do that with our backs leaning against each other, but that was our zone we created for ourselves to tell the story. I didn’t know Sushant before Dil Bechara, so I didn’t have a benchmark. The person that I was meeting was the only person I knew. With your best friend, you could do that but I did not know him before.

You said in the past that Sushant’s death has been turned into this circus and you wish that had stopped. Tell me a little bit more about that.

The family and people involved with him are dealing with the tragedy, out of dignity and privacy that they deserve. If justice is the goal, then justice can also be achieved through calm and righteous means and not become a whirlpool of mixed motives. We all want justice for him and I hope we don’t deviate from the path of achieving that.

Your best memory with Sushant

One of the best was in Paris, in January 2019, we rekindled the crew after a break. We went from shooting in Jamshedpur to Paris. The joke that we kept telling each other was ameer waali feeling aa rahi hai because we went from being in Jamshedpur to eating croissant in lovely dresses. That was a blast. We had filmed some very emotional scenes in the previous schedule. We shot a song. Saif sir was there, it was fun. Chilly weather, hot croissant, coffee. We kept walking and interacting with the city, let the city happen to us. That was fun.

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his Mumbai residence on June 14. Rhea Chakraborty is the prime suspect in his death case that the CBI is investigating currently.

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