Many fans feel SRK was playing a pun using the word “Single” — which could refer to the song, as well as Salman’s bachelor status. “Bhai” could be a reference to Salman, of course, but Shah Rukh could also be addressing the fan.

Among several other interesting questions, SRK was asked who he would love to work with — Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolan. His reply, again, was a cryptic one, and many users felt he is hinting at a possible collaboration with Rajkumar Hirani in the future.

Replying to the question about Scorsese or Nolan, Shah Rukh tweeted: “Wow both are awesome and I have met them… but Raju apna sa lagta hai… nahi?”

Here are some other tweets of the #AskSRK session that every fan should check out:

Indeed, nobody exudes more wit, charm and love on his fans that Shah Rukh Khan.

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