Yami Gautam brought the house down at India Today Conclave East 2019 today in Kolkata. For her session, titled Lady with the Midas touch: From Uri to Bala, she’s got the josh and the success, Yami talked about her experience of becoming a TikTok star for Bala, learning how to use the app and her character Pari.

Talking about Pari and learning ways to portray her in the film, Yami said, “Pari is not me. So when you get opportunity to create; when your thought process or imagination is just left in an open field, it is almost like painting on an empty canvas and you can do whatever you want to do with it. That is the beauty of it. So that happened (with Pari) when we finally landed on set.”

She also talked about TikTok, how she learnt using the app and the imapct it has right now, “The first thing that I did when I signed Bala was that I downloaded TikTok. I had no idea how huge it was, not just as a platform which is popular among millennials, but as a source of revenue as well. I had no idea where to begin my homework from. So I knew a girl and I requested her to please be with me for some days, to make practice because I didn’t even know how to function. Every day and night I would keep searching for something funny. There was this uncle with a goat, who is really popular on Tiktok. So I would make videos and I would keep practicing. I started following girls in UP, who would put everything about their daily routine, and I would follow their daily routine to understand them.”

She added, “I must have read the script some thousand times till the time I knew every letter that’s going to follow. I had to be that thorough with the script – the dialect, how her English would be. It shouldn’t come across as if you are trying too hard to focus on something which is just mispronounced. That imperfection has to come very organically. Being a 90s child, as much as I was excited about TikTok, when Amar Kaushik told me you have to dress like them also and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’.”

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