Arjun Kapoor is bringing on his brand of spunk to social media and fans can’t seem to get enough of it. The actor, who has long kept his distance from the media glare, has been giving us a look at his fun, witty and quirky side which effortlessly comes to the fro while hilariously trolling his superstar friends. One person who is constantly at the receiving end of his witty one-liners is Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif.

From engaging in fun banter to passing off some funny comments, these two have had fans keeping a close eye on the comments section just to see what they have to say. Yesterday, the hunk was back in the news for trolling poor Kat for a comment she left on his post that celebrated 5 years of his film ‘Finding Fanny’, co-starring Deepika Padukone.

“Look at you” the actress commented on Arjun’s post, which saw him at his witty best, saying, “Ummm that would be ideal…”

Interestingly this is not the first time and certainly not the last, we have seen Arjun put on his thinking cap and passing clever remarks that have left it impossible for fans to keep a straight face.

Arjun was back hours later to drop another comment on Katrina’s post that saw her casually posing rocking her bed-head. She captioned the photo with the coffee cup emoji as her caption. Arjun stepped in to give her a schooling on emoji lingo and said, “The emoji has nothing to do with the picture Katrina… is that a clue for Karan to join u for Koffee on Takht???”

Making sure everyone knew he was just messing around with the beauty, he said, “Btw just joking @katrinakaif don’t be firing me later… loving the vibe though…”

A while back, the actor had fans laughing out loud over his post on Kat’s photo of herself performing to ‘Kaala Chashma’ from the 2016 film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’. For the glitzy performance, the actress put on her kaala chashma and got grooving. Arjun however, seemed to have other ideas when he said, “Wear it the day not at night… don’t want u trippin gurl!!!”

If you thought Katrina’s Birthday would exempt her from Arjun’s playful ways, you thought wrong. While the actress was sharing some stunning clips of herself having a gala time on the beaches of Mexico, Arjun teased, “Watch where you going girl! Hope you didn’t walk into the pillar while posing.”

Arjun chanced upon the opportunity of trolling Katrina over another breathtakingly beautiful photo and commented, “You’ve basically gone on a photoshoot.”

However, it looks like he had a change of heart and went on to post a heartfelt birthday message that read, “Okay, on your birthday, I shall be nice, Katrina… Have a super birthday. You’re a mad, kind, goofy soul and I love you because of your nonsense and not despite it.”

Despite banter, fans can be assured that there is no love lost between the two.

It was only a while back that Arjun declared himself and Varun Dhawan as Katrina’s biggest fans and “awarded” her with a Dalmatian trophy to “represents our faithful friendship.”

So @varundvn & I are starting a new fan club #WeLoveKK aka @katrinakaif !!! Here we are seen awarding her, for absolutely no reason whatsoever… PS – the Dalmatian trophy Katrina’s holding represents our faithful friendship kyunki yeh dosti #firstclass hai!!!

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