With the current situation, no one’s really expecting guests in their homes. However, this woman did get a random guest who barged into her kitchen. She shared a wonderful account of what happened and as it turns out, this guest may not be her biggest worry.

“Monday morning’s reason for apologising during a work call: this duck walked into my kitchen. I do not own a duck,” tweeted Lucy Nicholls on June 22. Her tweet is complete with a picture of said duck standing right in the middle of her kitchen.

As it turned out, the duck seemed quite comfortable in her home and kept coming back some 10 times the next day. Nicholls also shared a possible explanation for the duck’s behaviour.

“I think it was because my bird seed had run out – and the duck likes to steal this – so the duck was basically asking for the manager,” she wrote on Twitter. “What sort of duck walks into a house though?! Very unsettling…” she added.

Here’s a video of the duck probably looking for that manager as Nicholls said.

Interestingly, the duck isn’t the only creature from the vast animal kingdom to keep turning up at her home.

Meanwhile, the pet cat has her own preferences:

Here it is in case you were wondering:

This entire thread is just hilarious and makes for an awesome read. People on Twitter have also been sharing the best responses to this whole situation.

“Cough. Up. The. Seed. And. Nobody. Gets. Hurt. Quack,” joked a Twitter user. “Duck walks into a kitchen to complain about the food… Cries fowl,” posted another.

“It’s like she replies to you with the quack: ‘but you didn’t put food outside!’” wrote a third.

Nicholls isn’t along. Turns out ducks aren’t afraid to ask for what they want.

Aren’t all these instances amazing? What do you think?

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