There are a lot of videos of kids and pups running around in their homes in circles around their parents. In such videos, the carefree attitude of the kids and the happiness is always infectious.

But have you ever seen a baby giraffe do the same? It is adorable.

Indian Forest Officer, Susanta Nanda recently shared a video of a baby giraffe with the caption, “Born to run. The adorable run by the baby Giraffe in its enclosure.”

The 18-second video shows a baby giraffe running around in its enclosure surrounded by other animals. If you look carefully you will see that the beautiful enclosure is full of birds, other giraffes, and many more animals.

The baby giraffe enjoying his run takes two rounds of the enclosure around his mother. The enclosure is full of luscious green trees, drinking water well and walking paths.

This is the most beautiful thing on the internet today.

Twitter also agrees. Have a look.

One user wrote, “Beautiful.” We agree with him.

Another one wrote, “Try to stop it.”

Have you seen anything like this before?

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