He might be from Chandigarh, but the years Aparshakti Khurana spent working in Delhi brought him closer to the food here. Ask him to name local eateries, and the actor will give you a long list of places he loves and wishes to explore. On his recent visit to the city, the actor was seen eating Prem Lal Ke Chole Kulche at Green Park. “I’ve always been a street food person. It genuinely brings me back to Delhi every time. Sometimes, my team and I do events at a lower price in Delhi because we want to eat. At times, we don’t negotiate on cost because we want to eat here,” says Aparshakti.

aaAparshakti adds that whenever he visits Delhi, he tries to explore a new place. He says, “I have a lot of foodie friends. Whenever I come here, the food does not disappoint me. I was in Delhi for eight years. My professional life started in the city, and that’s the time when you are on your own for the first time. That’s when you genuinely understand the meaning of weekends – because you explore new places. I think my professional years here brought me closer to Delhi food.”

And his association with the city is not just limited to the food. The warmth of people here is something the actor appreciates. Aparshakti tells us, “Delhi is synonymous with warmth for me. The kind of warmth and welcoming attitude you get from people here, is overwhelming. So, whenever I come here, I feel that the city has been calling me.”

On the work front, the actor is gearing for his next release. While Aparshakti’s comic roles have kept his fans laughing, the actor says he doesn’t really think he is being typecast in doing such roles. “There were actors 10 years back, who were good and were doing different kinds of films. But they’re not as relevant today, though they are still good actors. They became irrelevant because of their choices, not because they were doing a specific kind of role. I don’t see myself being typecast because I do music, radio, films and TV. There are so many other things attached to me. When I was doing theatre, I didn’t play comic characters. And in my next two films, people won’t see me doing comedy. I think they’ll see me in different roles,” he says.

But is he only looking for quality content, or does the length of the role also matter to him? “I don’t think there’s any actor who won’t think this way. Having said that, it happens only with time. Touchwood, from my 10-minute role in Badrinath Ki Dulhania to a two-hour solo film now, it has been a long journey. I think if I had to think about the length of the character, I would have had to think about it back in the day when I started. Now people don’t bring a script to me which has a 10-min part. I hope I’m not sounding snooty, but people don’t bring such parts to me now. In the last one year, we’ve only had narrations which are lead characters. Having said that, if I have to do a film where I like the role but I don’t have a lengthy enough part, I’m 100% sure I’ll say yes to it,” says Aparshakti.

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