As Jon Favreau gears up to present his upcoming Disney film The Lion King, here’s looking back at some of the best films by the director.

Jon Favreau can act, write, direct, produce and can truly be called a jack of all trades. His next venture, The Lion King, has him on the director’s chair. This version of The Lion King has Favreau updating the story, just a little bit, as he also tries to recreate the charm that left us spellbound the first time. With positive reviews coming in from all quarters, it is yet to be seen if the audience welcomes this new version of The Lion King.

Before the release of the film, here’s looking at some of the best works of Jon Favreau.

1. Chef

A father-son story that is ably supported by their love for food, Chef is the film that makes you root for their relationship while also indulging in some exquisite food porn. Jon Favreau played the lead role here along with directing the film. The film’s story is inspired by Roy Choi’s story but even if you know nothing about the real-life incident, you will enjoy the film for its engaging story.

2. Iron Man

Jon Favreau can be credited with the success of MCU as he was the man who directed the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Iron Man in 2008. Iron Man introduced us to the arrogant and philanthropic Tony Stark and created a strong base for the universe that would sustain for over 10 years. It would be safe to say that had Favreau not done what he did with Iron Man, MCU might have never existed.

3. The Jungle Book

The 2016 film was the live-action adaptation of the animated classic and was directed by Jon Favreau. It was soon after the success of this film that Disney decided to reboot many of its old classics. Favreau revived the film and gave the new generation their own classic. It is expected that the director will pull off the same with The Lion King.

4. Elf

Starring Will Ferrell, this is one of those holiday movies that always bring a smile to the audience’s face. Until Elf, Favreau was mainly known for his acting roles and while he had directed before, this film brought him to the limelight.

5. Zathura: A Space Adventure

While Favreau did not like Zathura’s comparison to Jumanji, the film was set in the same fictional universe. For 90s kids, Jumanji was an adventure-filled ride, Zathura took it to the next level by shifting the action to space. If Zathura was made today, we are quite sure this would have turned into a franchise.

Special Mention: The Chef Show

This Netflix series had Jon Favreau with Roy Choi as they recollected their days from shooting Chef. They travel to different restaurants, meet up with other chefs and also catch up with cast and crew from MCU including Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, Russo Brothers, Kevin Feige and many others. The show was quite reminiscent of Dinner For Five, a show hosted by Jon Favreau where he got together with his colleagues and discussed movies over dinner.

The Lion King releases on July 19.

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