The thing about most action films is that they pay a lot of attention to the action and not much attention is given to the story or the script. That is perhaps not the right approach as action without story is giving an empty glass to a thirsty person. Coming to Bloodshot, the film pays attention to neither action nor story.

What’s it about

Shortly after he’s back from a successful encounter mission in Kenya, Marine Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is assassinated along with his wife. This happens in the initial few minutes of the film. As you wonder what will happen next, he’s brought back to life by a team of scientists. Thanks to nanotechnology, he becomes Bloodshot – a superhuman, biotech killing machine. When he remembers what had happened to him, he takes revenge and kills the people who killed him. Or that’s what he thinks. The truth is something very different.

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What’s hot

Based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name, Bloodshot has some action sequences and plot twists which are commendable. The initial portions and twists are novel. Eiza González does a fine job.

What’s not

After the initial few sequences, the novelty wears off and it becomes repetitive. The action is quite mediocre, and we have seen a lot of it before in copious films. Vin Diesel is wooden has two or max three expressions throughout the film. It becomes predictable after a while and that’s not really a bad thing. The problem is that it becomes extremely boring. Even the humour is not up to the mark. There are only a few dialogues which make you laugh.

BL verdict

With a weak narrative, Bloodshot only has a few things working for it. We honestly don’t need such a superhero to save us. I’m going with 2 stars.

Rating :2. out of 5

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