A bride and groom got the shock of their lives when the hotel staff accidentally dropped their wedding cake while bringing it to the venue. However, the big twist came minutes later. Well, it was not their real wedding cake that had fallen down by mistake and the staff was successful in pulling off a prank on the newlyweds.

The actual wedding cake was brought in front of them just minutes later. It was a heart-stopping moment to see their tiered wedding cake fall off the table and the bride and groom’s expressions speak for it. The video was shared on an Instagram handle called Proposal, Wedding, Engagement. The viral video has over 2 million views.

In the now-viral video, the bride and groom dressed in their wedding outfits can be seen waiting for their tiered wedding cake to arrive. However, while the staff was entering with the cake, it toppled down. The couple was shocked to see the staff drop their cake. However, the big reveal came after a few minutes. Another man walked out with the actual wedding cake and you can see a sigh of relief on everyone’s face. Then, the couple cut the cake and danced a little to celebrate their wedding.

“Thank God it was a prank!! Almost had us in tears. This sweet couple was so happy & dancing at the end (sic),” the video caption reads.

Not just the couple, but it appears that some social media users were also initially shocked to see tahr staff drop their wedding cake. Also, people couldn’t stop talking about the bride and groom’s expressions after the incident.

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