Marvel Comics has countless beloved characters on their pages, although some have been able to stand out as fan favorites. Chief among them are the X-Men, with the mutants framed as outsiders who are protecting the society that fears and hates them. Since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fandom has been patiently waiting for the X-Men to appear. This was made all the more possible with Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. And one former Disney artists has imagined what it might look like.

Disney and Fox’s merger had big implication for the film world in general. But for comic book fans, the biggest question was how/when Fox characters like the Fantastic Four and X-Men might finally join the MCU. It appears that Marvel is going to take its time before bringing the scrappy group of mutants back to theaters, but one artist’s rendering of how it might happen is enough to cause goosebumps for comic book enthusiasts. Check it out below.

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