A Bollywood page on Instagram shared a throwback picture from Neetu Singh’s wedding with Rishi Kapoor, which Goldie Behl then reposted. Check it out and see who all you can spot!

Bollywood throwback photos are some of the most interesting and you get to learn a bit more about the industry and its people. Recently, a Bollywood page on Instagram shared a black and white throwback photo from Neetu Singh’s wedding with Rishi Kapoor and Goldie Behl reposted the same photo on his Instagram account.

Goldie Behl shared the photo because apparently, he also figures in it somewhere! Can you spot him?

Yes, he’s apparently the little boy who has turned away from the camera! And brownie points if you spotted a young Karisma Kapoor in the picture too! Also seen in the photo is Neetu Singh, now Kapoor, in all her bridal glory, a younger, lovely as ever Rekha, Goldie Behl’s mum, and Babita Kapoor, all decked up for the wedding and in one frame. Isn’t this a precious throwback photo?

Many of Goldie’s Instagram followers commented on the post. On spotting him, one of them wrote, “Kid on side…..only hero in among so many heroines”, and another commented, “Oooo i got to see @therealkarismakapoor … I love her.. So beautiful.. Nd cute (sic)”, while yet another wrote, “Such precious picture @goldiebehl.”

Speaking of Neetu and Rishi Kapoor, the couple has been in New York for the past 11 months as Rishi Kapoor has been receiving treatment for cancer. His wife, actress Neetu Kapoor has been right by him through it all, while their kids, Ranbir and Riddhima, visit them frequently in the US.

Rishi Kapoor, in earlier an interview, had shared how Neetu has stood by him like a rock and helped him through it all. He said in a recent interview, “She has been a rock of Gibraltar, really really supported me; without her, I wouldn’t be getting anywhere.”

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