Govinda has been rocking the headlines for his recent interview with India TV where he spilled the beans on a lot of things. The actor even revealed why he didn’t work with David Dhawan with whom he has collaborated for seventeen films.

Back in 90s Govinda and David have given us a number of hit films like ‘Partner’, ‘Hero No. 1’, ‘Coolie No. 1’, ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’ and more.

Talking about not working with David, Govinda that the filmmaker can ask him the question after his son makes 17 films with him. He added that even Varun Dhawan wouldn’t do 17 films with David, because after all, he is David Dhawan’s son.

Govinda said that it was Sanjay Dutt who told him to give work to a fellow Punjabi (David). He liked the filmmaker and did many hit films together.

Govinda also stated the didn’t treat his relatives so well the way he treated David. He went on to say that even his brother was a director but still he didn’t do seventeen films with him.

The actor said that when he completed 17 films with the filmmaker, he talked about ‘Chashmebaddor’ with David. However, David started the film with Rishi Kapoor. Govinda then called the filmmaker and had a conversation. He added, at that time, he came out of politics and so he was changed as a person. He sent his secretary to David and asked him to keep his phone on so he can listen to what the filmmaker has to say.

And on the call, Govinda heard David saying that Chichi has started asking a lot of questions these days. He further added that the director also asked his secretary to tell Govinda to do small roles.

This didn’t go well Govinda and he was hurt.

After not talking to Sr Dhawan, Govinda called him and said that he is okay to do it. The actor said he will do a guest appearance. He will come on the sets do a shot and will leave. Govinda recalled David never called him after that.

Govinda concluded that David is under someone’s influence.

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