The relationship between Batman and the Joker is one of the greatest, most fascinating dynamics in pop culture. Personified chaos vs. a symbol of order and justice? Sweet! Count us in! Unfortunately, in Todd Phillips’s highly anticipated standalone Joker film, the two won’t cross paths at all (or will they?). But if reviews for the film are to be believed, that fact won’t matter. The film is reportedly incredible.

But the exclusion of Batman doesn’t dissuade people from broaching the topic. Asking hypotheticals and immersing oneself in a world or a character are the hallmarks of good, passionate fans, and there’s plenty of that going around. Especially among comic book fans. Speaking with celebrity interviewer Jake Hamilton (who asked a fun question about where Batman fits in Phillips’s mythos), Joaquin Phoenix discussed Batman and whether or not his version of the Joker would be enthused to meet him.