Actress Kangana Ranaut turned a year older today. To celebrate her personal milestone, she took to her social media handles to open up about her feelings on her 34th birthday. Sharing a picture of herself, Kangana recalled being told that women come with a ‘shelf life’ and wrote, “They said a woman has a shelf life, this world only values young sweet 16 type girls with no brains, mature and wise woman can only belong to a household to a man who can give them a surname.”

“They said many things it made me anxious, what will happen to me, where will I go” she continued.

“Today I turned 34, they never told me, I will be at the peak of my career at 34, I will be celebrated for my art and my experience will be valued and my age or marital status would mean nothing to anyone, I feel like a super human loaded with exceptional experience about skills” she further added.

“I find certain ease with my body does not matter if I am too fat/too skinny, I like being sensual and feel at ease with my sexuality, I don’t get flustered with pimples or periods and no one has the power to make me feel bad about myself, they never told me”.

“Fine lines and beginning of grey hair would look so soothing, it will enhance my character and strength will become my beauty. So let me tell all you girls out there. It’s beautiful at 34 world looks super gorgeous from this view. Thanks to my mother who gave me birth” she signed off.

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Today the actress will be unveiling the teaser of her much-anticipated film ‘Thalaivi’ as a birthday treat for her fans.

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