Meera Chopra has upped the ante with her performance in ‘The Tattoo Murders’ where she plays a cop for the first time. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, the actress opened up about the show, shooting in real locations of Kamathipura with real people and more. Excerpts…

How did you come on board for ‘The Tattoo Murders’?
I got this show when I was shooting for ‘Section 375’. The trailer had just come out and the director of ‘The Tattoo Murders’, Shravan Kumar gave me a narration and offered me the show. At that time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to jump into something that was equally intense and difficult as ‘Section 375’. I was to play the role of a cop, which I had never imagined I would get to play in my career. It felt exciting. So I was on board.

How was your experience shooting for the series?
Shooting for the show was very challenging and difficult. Nowadays nobody really shoots at real locations because it is very taxing and difficult to manage crowds. We are used to shooting on the sets because we have a controlled environment there. Almost 90 per cent of this show was shot on real locations. Most of it was guerilla shooting where you take the camera and 3-4 people from the unit shoot the scene. Most of the junior artistes that you see in the show are real people, not trained actors. We shot most of the scenes in Kamathipura without permission because it is difficult to get permission there, especially if you are shooting at night. It was a different but very fulfilling experience. You don’t get to experience such filmmaking every day. Our director was sure about capturing the real essence of Kamathipura.

You must have learned a lot about the plight of prostitutes and their rights while shooting that way….
Yes, there is a difference between escort services and prostitution in India. In escort services, there is a way and a process in which people operate. Prostitution has become a very niche business. While I was shooting in Kamathipura, I realised that they do business for a really small amount of money. Because the entire profession is illegal, half of the money that they earn goes into the system for letting that business thrive. I felt that either it should be completely banned or some rights should be given to the sex workers. We have labour laws in the country but prostitution is not covered under it. Even if they get murdered or tortured, there is no law protecting them.

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