Behind a closed door, the fate of little Fatka and his beloved dog Bhidu is being decided. The elders of Chandan Nagar society are brain-storming on whether to give a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Bhidu, which will permit the canine to stay in the society with his orphan owner, or to simply kick them both out.

Fatka has been working as a car-cleaner for these middle-class society residents for the past few months. An abandoned, rustic car in the society’s playground is his home. The playground is also the place where he became friends with the society’s troublemakers, a group of zealous kids who go by the name Chillar Party.

While Fatka waits for the verdict outside the conference room, his buddies have made up their minds, “Whatever be the decision, we will put every ounce of our strength to help Fatka keep his job,” they say in their minds. The society residents come out with a practical, heartless decision that only elders can take. Fatka is ordered to leave, but not before his gang wages war against their parents and the whole political system. Even if it means that they have to march on the streets in their chaddis.

Chillar Party, which was released in 2011, is one of the few fine children’s films that Bollywood has churned out. Even on the 5th watch, the film feels fresh and manages to make you smile, cry and, most importantly, feel their friendship.

It reminds you of the honesty that you once had as a kid. The time when, unaware or uninfluenced by the concepts of social status or materialism, you valued an old cricket bat, bicycles and comic books more than anything else. When friendships were formed irrespective of the class divide. When you didn’t crave for foreign trips, just a game of bat-and-ball under the shaded playground with a bunch of forever friends was enough. Friends, who would go to any lengths for you.

Touching on all of these valuable topics, Chillar party flows in a seamless manner. And this wouldn’t have been possible without writer-directors Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl, who bring out their inner child in the film’s authentic, deliciously humorous dialogues. They treated their little characters with the utmost respect and didn’t loosely frame Chillar Party as just a film for kids.

Credit also goes to the film’s amazing cast. Chillar Party’s little chillars are the stars of the show, who leave an ever-lasting impression on their audiences’ minds. The kind of impact that trained actors can only dream of leaving on their audience. Naman Jain, who plays the role of Janghiya, deserves a special mention. He wins many hearts with his epic performance as a sweet, naughty kid. He shoulders some of the best scenes in the film.

Chillar Party is a potpourri of all the emotions that one feels when they are kids. The film is a perfect mix of comedy and drama, and teaches some of the most important life lessons to the elders, who, while running a rat race, often lose their humanity. It’s a humble reminder that sometimes the biggest inspiration can come from the little ones in our house.

Watching Chillar Party is also the best way to recall those innocent, long-lost olden days, especially for those of us who missed meeting their gang on this Friendship’s Day.

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