Pankaj Tripathi to set up a creative hub in Gopalgunj for artistes to pen stories, films

His artistic nature aptly deciphering the needs of creative minds, Pankaj Tripathi knows it’s hard to be innovative when stuck in the hustle and bustle of the city. In order to give writers and filmmakers a fitting ambience to explore their imagination, he plans to set up an outlet of sorts in the natural habitat of Gopalgunj, Bihar.

The actor tells mid-day, “I plan to acquire the land soon. I am going to make an organic jungle by sourcing water from a small pond to create a habitat. I want aspiring writers to visit this place to write new stories, and filmmakers to use it as a backdrop, if suitable. The idea is to have a rural studio where stories of the land can be written, alongside a small spot, where farming can be practised, simultaneously.” Tripathi intends to allocate a spacious 25 acres to his dream project, even though he says he doesn’t intend to reap monetary benefits from it. “Film-making is my dream. While I’m not sure if that will be realised, I can make a [promising space for existing creators].”

Despite making a mark in the city of dreams, Tripathi often loves to elope to his village to return to an organic lifestyle. He says he has always desired owning land in his hometown, and now plans to take his dream further by giving wings to this project. He also reveals that he aims to create a film-making studio, where aspiring actors and filmmakers can groom themselves.

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