Priyanka Chopra has been receiving love galore from all quarters and has been doing great on the international platform. While there are many who love and adore the actress, she revealed that she often faces negativity from the South Asian community. She admitted that while a lot of people are protective of her, she also gets a ‘sense of negativity’ from many.

In a new interview to BBC, Priyanka Chopra opened up about the negativity she receives from the South Asian community. Priyanka said that she and the ‘very few’ other brown people in the entertainment industry are trying to push for inclusivity in Hollywood. However, they get a lot of negativity from their own community. She said, “I do notice a sense of protectiveness from a lot of people but also a sense of cynicism from a lot of people and a sense of negativity from a lot of people that have known me for a really long time. Picking on me for no reason”

Priyanka added, “I was talking about this to Mindy (Kaling) a couple of months ago and we were talking about why is it that you get so much negativity from your own community. Very few brown people are in the entertainment business in Hollywood, right? You can count us on your fingers. What our attempt is We are literally, with our own two hands, trying to create more opportunity for people like us. So, why is there so much negativity for us?”

The actress added that when she was starred in Quantico in 2015, she realised that it is ‘not normal to people’s consciousness that a leading man or woman can be Indian in a mainstream Hollywood show’. This is when she saw the difference in perception towards her and said that while she is grateful for the love and support of her fans, she feels ‘disheartened and discouraged by the other side’.

While South Asian actors are still trying to impress their own community, they are struggling ignorance in the international platform. But they are fighting it in style. Recently, British actress Jameela Jamil was mistaken for Priyanka Chopra on Twitter. A Twitter user asked the actress if Nick Jonas divorced her, and her response won the Internet. Even Priyanka Chopra is not able to control her laughter and supported Jameela for her befitting reply. This is not the first time when South Asian actors in Hollywood have been mistaken for other actors. Earlier, on numerous occasions Deepika Padukone was addressed as Priyanka Chopra in the United States.

Priyanka Chopra is currently busy promoting her recently released memoir, Unfinished. She was last seen in the Netflix original film, The White Tiger, alongside Adarsh Gourav and Rajkummar Rao. The actress also wrapped up the shooting for Text For You in London. She will soon be seen in an Indian wedding comedy with Mindy Kaling, who is also producing it. Priyanka now has Matrix 4 and a film based on the life of Maa Anand Sheela in her kitty.

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