Radhika Apte is celebrating her birthday today. In the past few years, she has been recognised as one of the powerhouse actors of the Indian film industry. Radhika has worked in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Telugu films. While many identified her as a talented lady early on, it was Badlapur in 2014 that helped her grab eyeballs. Her performances in films like AndhaDhun, Manjhi, Phobia, Kabali earned her immense appreciation. Radhika Apte has also made headlines for her fiery and bold statements. Here is a look at some of her opinions that made people sit up and take notice…

The film The Wedding Guest has many other beautiful sequences and the fact that one particular sex scene got leaked is because of the psychotic mentality of society. The leaked sex scene featured both Radhika Apte and Dev Patel in it. But the scenes are being spread in my name. Why is it not getting spread under the male actor Dev Patel’s name?

I had no apprehensions about going bold. I have been brought up watching world cinema and I have travelled a lot so I am very comfortable with my body. I have seen people performing nude on stage in India and abroad. I don’t see why I should be ashamed of my body. That’s the one tool I use as a performer. I had no apprehensions doing bold scenes.

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