Pakistani fans join forces to help Sapna Bhavnani procure a visa for documentary screening across the border

Elated as she is that Sindhustan earned praise at the New York Indian Film Festival, Sapna Bhavnani feels her documentary is incomplete without a visit to Sindh. Despite being denied the visa on two prior occasions, the hairstylist-director is undeterred in taking her project across the border. After she tweeted to prime minister Imran Khan to grant her a visa to showcase her film in the country, Pakistani fans have lent their voice to the cause by initiating the #Grantvisatosapna2visitsindh online.

“The love from the other side is overwhelming. I shared my application again last week, but have received no response from them. After the Kashmir decision today, it looks difficult. Silence from Imran Khan is not an acceptable response, especially after thousands of tweets. There is no need to deny me a visa. I want to simply show my film to the people there, and see where my father was born,” asserts Bhavnani. The film explores the history of the Sindhi community that migrated to India during the Partition in the language that Bhavnani knows best — tattoos. She reveals that the second part of Sindhustan could be in order. “My struggle to get there is another story waiting to be told.”

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