While the movie ‘Kabir Singh’ is loved by many people and is being claimed as Shahid Kapoor’s one of the biggest openings in the box office, singer Sona Mahapatra has a different opinion. The singer didn’t like the male chauvinist character played by Shahid Kapoor in the movie.

She quoted a tweet by National Commission for Women chairperson Rekha Sharma and Sona wrote, “Didn’t notice the deeply misogynistic & patriarchal narrative? Just intense acting? That is truly deeply disturbing. That you are the chairperson of the @NCWIndia, makes me wonder about what we can hope for when it comes to women’s place in #India .” Rekha later deleted that tweet.

Apart from the National Commissioner of Women Chairperson, Sona also tagged a reviewer and wrote, “& how can we keep such deeply disturbing, dark & dangerous politics ‘aside’? Does the actor have no responsibility for choosing to play a part in a narrative that can set us back as a society? Is that all we have become? Creatures of ambition? #LetsTalk #India #KabirSingh.”

To the tweet of Sona Mahapatra on male chauvinism, Shahid had said ahead of the film’s release that isn’t it wrong to expect an actor to always be idealistic. He is not expected to be idealistic, but to be real; mirroring life, representing all shades of people. He also added that one become adults, we are on our own, drawing heavily from popular culture; and grey shades of human beings must be in films to represent life.

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