He shared, “Obviously, I loved my entry scene because when we were shooting that scene that time a lot of equipment, props, trolley shots, fireworks and bahut kuch hua tha. And everyone was saying that aisa entry ab tak kisika nai hua hai in the show. It was dhamakedar and it was beautifully played by the directors with those lightings and trolley shots. There were fireworks and all so that was the best one. I also loved the story we did on labourers. So, that was one story that I still remember well. I remember that we were shooting in the hot sun and it was difficult working using those spades and all. That time we got to know the real pain and how these labourers who work in that hot sun for us. It must be so difficult for them to do so. We felt that these people do deserve the respect and we must all respect them for working tirelessly in that heat. ”

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