This young actor from South India is hot property and he knows it. Of late, he has been a lot in the news. Rumour mills suggest that he is a dating an actress who is building a strong footing in his industry. The two seem to be the best of friends after their recent collaboration. The young hunk looks quite devoted to her and everyone is talking in hushed whispers about how they are a couple. The lady, in question, moved on from a much-publicized break-up and is now focused on her career, which is going from strength to strength.

Well, all this sounds fine till now but sources tell us that he is two-timing her. It seems the young man is equally besotted with another starlet. It seems he has been busy sexting her and she too responds with kinky messages. We aren’t sure if the other lady is aware of it. Our source says that the actress is also partially aware that he is anything but serious and has kept it like a no-strings-attached affair. The starlet in question does not have a great body of work but has made news for other reasons. She also comes from an illustrious film family.

The young hunk seems to be having quite a roaring time dating two pretty ladies. We wonder if the girls know what he is really upto? But then, no one is complaining as all seem to be having fun!

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