Three decades ago, director Subhash Ghai made a film titled Karz, which was based on reincarnation. Remember? Years later, actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik recreated it with Himesh Reshammiya in the lead, which was called Karzzzz. Yes, with four Z. And it is a sign that you might fall asleep. In this week’s Wahiyat Wednesday, we tell you how Himesh destroyed Karz with his Karzzzz.

It was shouldered on Himesh Reshammiya

To begin with, Karzzzz had Himesh Reshammiya. In the film, he played a young man named Monty, a rockstar who turns out to be an incarnation of Ravi Verma, a character on which the whole film was based. Apart from his nasal voice and awkward body language over the 2-hour-27-minute run time of the film that Himesh offered in the name of acting, there was barely anything else to attract the audience’s attention. In fact, it was so bad that his scenes immediately made us miss Rishi Kapoor even more. For those who haven’t watched the original film yet, Rishi essayed the same role in 1980, but of course, he had expressions, unlike Himesh.

So all we got for the entire span of Karzzzz, was Himesh’s nasal voice, which was unbearable to watch for nearly 2 hours. A scene where his character Monty finds out that the servant is actually Ravi’s sister Jyoti deserves a special mention for Himesh’s dialogue delivery (ahem!).

Tum Lakshmi ho hi nahin sakti, tum Jyoti ho Jyoti.

“Tum jhooth bol rahi ho, dhokha de rahi ho, tum Jyoti ho Jyoti.”

Rishi also said the same lines in Karz, but the scene was performed in a much better way.

Urmila Matondkar’s Kamini who just doesn’t age

Not only Himesh, even Urmila Matondkar, who stepped into shoes of Simi Garewal for the role of Kamini, a gold digger, failed do wonders. But, we definitely wonder what made her choose Karzzzz, the antagonist role or Himesh as a co-star? In Karzzzz, Urmila tried hard to be a vamp but she didn’t look much convincing compared to Garewal in Karz. The makers didn’t put a lot of effort into the looks of Urmila’s character, especially how she should look after 25 years. Grey hair, that’s what we are referring to.

Remember the climax of Karz when we see Kamini as an old woman holding her wig for the first time? Yes, that! In Karzzzz, however, Urmila as Kamini didn’t go through that phase.

Shweta Kumar’s green eyes acted better than her

Debutante Shweta Kumar played Monty’s love interest Tina. But her green eyes attracted more audience than her acting skills. Even her camaraderie with Himesh didn’t stand out in Karzzzz.

Danny Dezongpa, more of a cinema lover, less of a caretaker

Danny Denzongpa was seen in the role of Tina’s caretaker Kabir Chacha aka Kabira. But his constant references to films and his Pahari accent took away the charm of the character that was earlier aced by veteran actor Pran. And what was it about his sidekicks Mogambo and Shakal? Clearly, they must have made those iconic villains very unhappy.

Rohini Hattangadi tried too hard to be Durga Khote

Even Rohini Hattangadi as Shanta Prasad Verma, Ravi’s mother, could not do justice to her role. She reminded us of Rakhi Gulzar’s character in Karan Arjun, instead. Mere Karan Arjun aayenge, remember? Although she opted for black plain sarees just like Durga Khote in Karz, her hairdo of a large bun with combed hair made the character look unrealistic.

Dino Morea, the handsome guy whose role could have been swapped with Himesh’s

Not a lot of people may remember but Himesh’s film Karzzzz also starred Dino Morea. Dino stepped into the shoes of actor Raj Kiran as Ravi, who gets killed in a plane crash during the first half of the film. Dino, the more handsome guy than the lead actor Himesh, had a short-lived role, but imagine how the film would have turned out to be if he was given Monty’s role opposite Urmila.

When Gulshan Grover’s Sir Judah got an upgrade

Gulshan Grover played Sir Judah in the remake, a mute character that Prem Nath played in the original. While Prem’s character communicated with his henchman by tapping on a whiskey glass, Gulshan had an upgraded version to do that, with a small screen and a keyboard attached to his steel arm.

Honestly, it was a huge disappointment to watch Gulshan Grover with no dialogues, but it was not his fault, as the role demanded him to be like that.

A remake that we didn’t really want from Satish Kaushik

Actor-director Satish Kaushik he has made several films in his Bollywood career including Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai, Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai, Badhaai Ho Badhaai, Tere Naam, Tere Sang and more. Now, most of these tanked at the box office. Karzzzz too can be added to the list.

Ghai’s Karz, the original was not an iconic film either, but it is still enjoyed by the movie buffs to date, particularly for its evergreen songs. And bringing the same story in a new fashion with an altogether different cast was a big mistake that Satish Kaushik made. The director should have rather focused on his acting only, which he aced every time, without a doubt.

Even if Satish had thought of bringing back the concept of reincarnation to the new generation through cinema, he committed a crime by casting Himesh Reshammiya in it, who fits best in the music world only. But unfortunately, Himesh could not offer anything great in that area either.

Why hire another singer? Main hoon na!

Himesh Reshammiya used his nasal voice in the soundtrack of Karzzzz, because why hire another singer, I am there!

Tracks like Hari Om Hari Om, Masha Allah, Tandoori Nights and Lut Jaaun Lut Jaaun including many others were not catchy enough and their incredible lengths and meaningless lyrics made them impossible to bear. Here’s an example to prove it, the lyrics from the song Hari Om Hari Om.

“Tere ishq mein duba rahe, shaamon sehar mera rom rom, hari om hari om hari om om.”

Also, what was ‘tak tana nana Tandoori Nights’ all about?

Apart from Himesh’s own compositions, Karzzzz featured a remixed version of the most popular track of the original, Ek Hasina Thi, which was still okay. However, Karzzzz makers brought an aeroplane on the stage this time and recreated the entire incident of Ravi Verma’s death.

Karzzzz’s album was one of its biggest setbacks apart from a poorly written script and ill-fitted cast.

Meanwhile, in Karz, tracks like Meri Umar Ke Naujawanon, Paisa Ye Paisa, Dard-E-Dil, Main Solah Baras Ki and Ek Hasina Thi are still remembered even after several decades. Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s composition and singers like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle have contributed to making these the chartbusters they are.

We tried to look for positives in Karzzzz, but couldn’t really find any. Zzzz…

If you still want to watch Karzzzz and waste 2-and-a-half-hours of your life, go ahead. But if you ask us, we would rather suggest you stick to Karz.

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