Actress Julie Andrews has revealed that she had watched a ‘wild’ fake orgy scene on the set of her 1980 comedy, 10, directed by her husband Blake Edwards.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Julie shared some secrets while promoting her new memoir Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, reports

The host asked her about some dirt on any crazy parties she and her husband Edwards went to, while she said they didn’t go out too much, the orgy scene in 10 certainly sticks out.

Julie said, “There was one party that was actually manufactured for the movie 10. I think my character in 10 had to look through a telescope and see that my boyfriend, sweet Dudley Moore, was, in fact, invading a neighbour’s house when they were having an orgy,” Andrews said.

She added that one day her husband was directing one of the orgy scenes and he told her that she simply needed to see this.

“‘He said, ‘Julie, you’ve just got to come on over here, it’s an unbelievable sight!’ So I went dashing over there. Of course, I did.”

She also shared that her husband had hired a bunch of people who were comfortable being naked and, ‘doing orgy films’, I guess.”

She said everyone was laying around ‘stark naked’ and very casual about it, with her diminutive co-star Dudley Moore right in the middle of it all.

“Blake put him between two enormously statuesque ladies and so he was completely naked and these two ladies were naked and their bums were up here and little Dudley’s was down here,” she added.

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