Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have been happily married for years now. The couple, who respect each other’s faith, has brought up their three kids with virtues and teachings from both their religions. However, not everybody at their wedding thought that their marriage would survive without one converting into another’s religion. And no one better than SRK knew best how to handle them.

In a throwback interview, Shah Rukh Khan once revealed how he pranked Gauri’s family into believing that she would only be wearing burkha after marriage. He told her to wear a burkha and read namaz with him in front of everyone. The superstar also added that from then on she would be called Ayesha and not Gauri.

Elaborating further, Shah Rukh said that he had a lot of fun but the lesson in all this was that one respects religion but it should not come in the way of love. He added from then on, her family loves him more than they love her.

In the past, Gauri too had opened up about their interfaith marriage on Karan Johar’s chat show. The star’s wife said that she respects Shah Rukh’s religion but that doesn’t mean that she would convert and become a Muslim.

According to her, she doesn’t believe in that. Gauri feels that everyone is an individual and should follow their religion. But obviously, there should be no disrespect. Shah Rukh would not disrespect her religion.

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